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3 Ways to Become Eco-Friendlier When Living During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The spread of COVID-19 has shaken daily habits around the world. So, how can we use this pandemic to do some good and reset daily habits to be more sustainable? Here are 4 areas of personal consumption to rethink, while you have extra time on your hands. It could make for a better tomorrow for all of us!

1. Ration Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Use — Permanently.

With many people panic buying every paper product insight, this is a good time to reconsider your toilet paper use. Start by cutting the number of sheets you use per wipe. Each time you reach for the roll, take the time to count the sheets and consciously just tare off what you need. If you halve your toilet paper usage, you’ll save money and help reduce the millions of tons of toilet paper used annually.

2. Forget Your Commute.

Companies around the world have asked employees to work from home, often with no clear deadline for returning to work. Telecommuting is a simple solution to this problem and cuts many expenses for almost any business. If you’ve never tried one of the many videoconferencing services — Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts, and others — they are easy to use and even fun for collaboration.

3. Most of All— Shop Sustainably!

The coronavirus is a chance to rethink your shopping. It’s important to plan what you want ahead of time and purchase intelligently with the resources you have available right now. You can buy less and be more efficient, focusing on healthy products and locally sourced food to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet. Think in terms of reducing the entertainment value of shopping and concentrate on essentials only.

It’s always beneficial to learn something new! At Oxford at Country Club Apartments in Baytown, Texas, we love to provide you with thought-provoking facts that will make you reflect on different aspects of life.

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