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What to Do When You are in an Accident

Being in a car accident can be a frightening experience. Your main concern will be your safety and the safety of all of your passengers. Once you've made certain that everyone is alright, you'll need to take these steps.

You should have your insurance information available in your vehicle and some paper and a pen to allow you to jot down the particulars of your accident and a sketch of the scene. You may also want to keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment so that you are able to accurately record the accident scene. You will need to note the name of the other driver, his or her license plate number, address, insurance information, and the names of any responding officers to the scene. In addition, you will need the police report number to give to your insurance company.

You will need to stay at the scene until the police have come and told you it is safe for you to leave. Once you've left the scene and returned safely home, you will need to contact your insurance company. You should do this even if the accident was minor or if it was your fault. In most states, you will not necessarily have to pay higher insurance rates as a result of an accident, as some state laws protect you from this. 

Your insurance agent will guide you through the claims process, but it is still a good idea to know exactly what your coverage includes. Review your copy of your insurance policy and keep copies of all documents relating to your accident. You may also want to keep a phone log of any phone calls you make to either your or the other driver's insurance company. 

If you need repairs done to your car, remember that you should be in control of the repair process, even if your insurance company is footing the bill. Be comfortable with the repair shop before allowing work to start. If you feel that the job was not completed correctly, you can insist on follow-up work to correct this.

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