Pet-Friendly is the Way to Be: Four Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Research has shown that having a pet can increase your lifespan, make you happier, and keep you healthy. That makes these the top four reasons to own a pet.
Get healthier.
Although bacteria can cause illness, having too little exposure to germs can make for a weaker immune system. The key is to finding a balance and having a pet can help. Dogs and cats introduce new bacteria into your home which cause an increase in biodiversity in that environment. Your immune system builds up defenses to these new germs, strengthening it. In the long run, that means you will get sick less often and less severely than people with no pets. 

Get happier.
A pet can help with establishing a routine and staying active, which are good for your mental health. Studies have shown that pet owners are more positive, are less likely to suffer from depression, and have more social interactions than those without pets. 

Get exercise.
Having a dog can be like having a personal trainer. You can capitalize on the need for your dog to get outside and go for a walk to motivate yourself to get exercise on a daily basis. Research studies reveal that dog owners who walk their dogs daily are less likely to be obese than people who don’t own dogs. 

Get smarter.
Studies have shown that children who are responsible for pet care in the home are more mature, more creative, and do better in school than those with no pets in the home. But it all depends on the level of care they provide. A child who only occasionally is responsible for pet chores does not show any increases in these areas; but a child who is solely responsible for daily caretaking without needing help gains the most benefits.

Oxford at Country Club Apartments in Baytown, Texas hopes that these helpful tips will assist you in improving your overall daily lifestyle. Once you read through these suggestions, feel free to apply our advice to your daily routine.

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